Decisions, decisions

What to wear, what to wear… sometimes it’s so hard to decide. Some folks have a great time picking out an outfit and sometimes it’s a little stressful. I’ve been there! But even though it’s hard for me to decide what to wear personally, I’ve gotten pretty good at helping choose attire for pet portraits. There are so many historical references available. Once the person gives me an idea of the general type of look they’re attracted to, I can give them lots of options to consider. Or if that’s overwhelming, I can narrow it down and offer them a first and second favorite. Here are a few of the portraits in the top running for Daisy, a lovely, demure Cocker Spaniel.

Daisy’s person decided that her outfit needed to be modest, befitting her shy nature. She liked the idea of a hat, which I agree will look fabulous, especially since her ears will look like lovely blonde hair falling down from beneath it. She really liked the portrait of Lady Piggy that she saw on my web site. I sent her ten or so other historical references, and she sent me a few she kind-of liked that she found on line. It’s a process. Check back later to see what Daisy will be wearing.

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  1. Bon Lapointe says:

    Carol, Im truly touched that you blogged about the process we are working through with Daisy. I have goose bumps! What a wonderful experience this is. I feel so comforted by your guidance and so excited about the creative process. Thank you for creating such a joyful memory for me and ultimatley for my family! Bon

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