Life at the Old House

July 4th was laundry day on top of the mountain in Washington Massachusetts back in 1925. The Hutchinson family summered in the house across the street from ours… you can see ours in the background of this photo. They were such a social family that guests overflowed, and in 1938, they bought the house where we now live to accommodate everybody. There were as many as 30 friends and family members visiting at any given time.

Kids were entertained by 10 games and sports that were set up in the yards, including croquet, and golf. Raising and saluting the flag was a morning ritual. Indoor plumbing was something of the future, and most of their food came from the farm just down the road. It was a simpler time, and I’m so glad that some of it was captured by photographs and the poetry authored by Genevieve Hutchinson. More on Genevieve Hutchinson later.

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3 Responses to Life at the Old House

  1. Anas says:

    Hi Carol! I’m curious to know how much you cahrge for your paintings. I saw your painting today at a restaraunt, and I really love your style of art. The name of the art is Lady Catherine Heston. Do you sell prints of this picture?

  2. Carol Lew says:

    I do sell prints of Lady Catherine Weston. Though I’m not really in the print business anymore, I do still have some, and this is one of them. It’s 8×10″, and unframed the print is $13. $18 shipping included.

  3. Susan McRae Petura says:

    I was googling October Mountain, the Appalachian Trail and finally my adopted grandmother, Aunt Jennie and found your website. I am elated! Her son Charles and my father William McRae were best friends in high school. After Charles was killed in the war, Aunt Jennie became my grandmother on October Mountain. I so love seeing pictures of her and the old post-house. It has brought back so many wonderful memories.

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