Sir Simon of the Red Lion Inn

Simon is the only full-time resident of the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge Massachusetts. He was adopted from the Sonsini Animal Shelter about six years ago, and now makes himself thoroughly at home in the halls, lobby and basement of the Inn. He has taken on the job of guest greeter, and he seems to know who likes cats and who doesn’t. He’s respectful of the guests wishes. He has been known to greet visitors who arrive late at night and escort them to their rooms. Several years ago, he was almost voted employee of the month by the staff. Now, he will be depicted as Innkeeper in an Old World Animal Portrait. Check back to see the portrait of him sitting proudly by the fireplace in the lobby.

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2 Responses to Sir Simon of the Red Lion Inn

  1. pegi picerno says:

    We have visited the Red Lion Inn on several occasions and have had the pleasure of Simon’s company. He is very sweet and could make cat lovers out of almost anyone.

  2. Carol Lew says:

    It’s true! Simon is a perfect feline inn-keeper. He once almost won employee of the month at the Inn- an honor bestowed by fellow workers. Simon came from the Sonsini Shelter, where I volunteer. From rags to riches!

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