Frenchie, the Father of Our Country

Frenchie, the Boisset family dog who has thus far been depicted as French iconic figures, now turns his attention to the heroes of the United States of America. Next will be Frenchie as Thomas Jefferson.

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2 Responses to Frenchie, the Father of Our Country

  1. Deborah Shanks says:

    Hello. I just returned from Napa where I met “Frenchie” who was there for a photo shoot with his own, Mr. Boisset, at the Raymond Vineyards. I visited Frenchie’s Winery where there were various portraits of Frenchie.
    Do you have a cost page for portraits?

  2. Carol Lew says:

    Did you want to know the prices for commissioned portraits of your pets? If so, you can find the information on this page of my web site:

    If you are interested in prints of Frenchie’s paintings, I can check in with the Boissets. I know they are intending to make posters, which I believe will be given to customers who purchase a certain quantity of Frenchie wine.

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