March 9 Morning Walk

It was such a beautiful morning for a walk. I brought my camera and took these pictures of our house. A little further down the road is the Fish house. By that I mean that Jim Fish lives there. It’s one of the historic houses in the town of Washington, older than ours. It has seen better days, but it still has character, and so do the examples of mid 20th century farm implements that dot the property like sculptures in the landscape.

Jim Fish adds as much character to the town as historic home or any other person. He’s a true mountain man with a long white beard who hardly leaves the top of the mountain. He once told me he used to work in the City, but he realized the place he wanted to spend his time was home, right on top of the mountain. “The City…. you mean New York City?” I asked. “No, I mean Dalton,” he said. Dalton is a town about 15 minutes away with a population of 6,500.

Jim used to plow a field in the back just to plant sunflowers for the birds. He once made a very large scarecrow and sat it on one of his abandoned tractors. It looked like a crow and it was dressed in overalls. It was the talk of the town and it made the cover of that month’s town newsletter.  These kinds of small wonders are important in the town of Washington.

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2 Responses to March 9 Morning Walk

  1. also
    I have your wonderful portrait of “houston” in my living room.
    I have a new OES, “Koda”, and someday will want her portrait too –
    She is a very sweet female :-)
    Best regards,

  2. Carol Lew says:

    We did that painting of Houston so long ago- I believe he was one the first commissioned portraits! How nice that you have another OES. Thank you for staying in touch.

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