Hopeless Sucker for Old Pugs

I have volunteered at my local shelter for almost ten years now. I walk shelter dogs, play with shelter cats, and I love to see them go to new homes. I’ve fostered dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and have happily waved goodbye without a bit of attachment. But show me an old wizened Pug and I’m sunk. Yesterday at the shelter, I took the call about three senior Pugs whose owner had died. They spent a fair amount of their life in crates, and had lots of litters of pups over the years. At night they slept on their person’s lap, all three of them… probably snoring like foghorns. They arrived at the shelter today. They’re a bit “unkept” but they seem overjoyed at the attention they’re getting from people. They’re adorable. Stay tuned….. I think we’re going to adopt one.

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