Incontinent dogs

We have three dogs and they’re all incontinent. It didn’t start out that way. First we adopted Louise, a 13 year old pug whose history made the problem understandable. I fashioned a system that includes suspenders, disposable cruisers for everyday wear, and hand made diapers for when company comes. Depends pads factor into the picture. We got a routine going with that and it didn’t seem too bad after a while.

Then Freckles, our 14 year old senile Spaniel started needing to go out for pee breaks more often. When six times a day wasn’t enough, we knew it was time for him to wear diapers too. His anatomy made this diaper-making project a little easier, and it doesn’t take as long to get them on and off when we take him outside. On the other hand, we are going out six times a day…….

Anyway, I’m sure most people will agree when I say I do not deserve to have THREE incontinent dogs. I believe that our fawn pug, Walter one day looked around, noticed what was going on, and decided to himself become an uninhibited urinater.  He doesn’t feel one bit sorry about it either.

In conclusion, I guess I would say, if you’ve got house-trained dogs, enjoy the moment.


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2 Responses to Incontinent dogs

  1. Mica says:

    Your dogs look like absolute characters! I am well familiarized with the incontinent dog routine. You are a good woman for going to such lengths to preserve their comfort and contentment. I realize that this message is from over a year ago, but I do hope that the members of your canine family are still with you.

  2. Carol Lew says:

    Mica, they are characters! Sadly, it was time to put our Spaniel down two months ago. He had a good long run though. The two puggies are still living the good life. Cute as buttons!

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