My Ancestors

My cousin Karl Kemp ended up with all of the photos and documents that my grandparents had saved throughout their lives, and even from generations before them. Karl scanned many of them and sent CDs of images to family members. I ended up with the boxes filled with the originals. In the past, have put some energy into tracing our family’s ancestry, so it’s great to have so many new documents as well as photos to go with names and eras.

My dad James Douglas Logan is on the left, and then Aunt Bette, Uncle Don and Uncle Merv. Below are my grandparents Anna Viola Detterer and Mervin Wiley Logan with their first son, Merv, and then when they were in their 50s. They both lived well into their 90s, so our family has many wonderful memories of them.


From generations prior, I have marriage certificates from the early 18oos. I know they’re connected to my grandmother but I don’t know exactly how yet. I have fragile letters from John D. Kennedy, newly married to Annie Mervine (my great, great grandparents) trying to convince her to join him in Wausau Wisconson where he moved with his father to work at Disston Saw Company. Annie wanted to stay in Philadelphia because she was “afraid of the Indians”, and she never did move, but raised their daughter May as a single parent with the help of “Chippey” (I don’t know who that is yet) for a while, remarried, and lived in Philadelphia for the rest of her life.

Below, is James Douglas Logan, my great grandfather. We don’t look anything like him as far as I can see. How intriguing!! He was born in 1870, the year his father (also James Douglas Logan) turned 62.

It’s a fun puzzle, figuring out where we came from, and I have 2 boxes of new clues to help me now.



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