I painted this portrait of Mabel in the fashion of “Reclining Girl” by François Boucher, circa 1751. It was the brilliant idea of Mabel’s person, Courtney. Boucher was known for painting voluptuous females, and some would argue that the painting may have crossed a pornographic line at that time. Not so with our reclining Bull Terrier! We are, of course, quite used to viewing paintings and photos of nude dogs without a scandalous thought.


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4 Responses to Odalesque

  1. Carol Lew says:

    Only a few short weeks after this portrait was completed, Mabel suddenly passed away. Mabel’s people and I are glad to have created this portrait at just the right time. It was like a fun celebration to do it, and they have the portrait to remember her by now. You can read a memorial about Mabel at https://www.facebook.com/CarolLew.Artist/posts/414861498676462

  2. Pranvera Kola says:

    We loved Mabel, we were so blessed to know her!! Such a beautiful painting!

  3. Carol Lew says:

    Thank you. After the many fun photos I saw of her, and after working with her family to create the painting, I felt like I knew her. It was always obvious that she was well loved.

  4. Courtney and Kip says:

    We are so very grateful to Carol for the beautiful yet funny picture of our baby, Mabel and the memorial post she created. We miss Mabel terribly yet having the painting helps us remember her as the fabulously naughty yet perfectly loving girl she was.

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