Painting A Kitty Family

Over the last six months or so, I have had the pleasure of painting the cat family of a person who clearly adores her felines. We’ve been making an enjoyable project of each one individually. Though many of my clients rely on me to supply a selection of historical portraits for ideas, Kellie enjoys the search. There are so many options after all, and who knows the cats better than she does! So over a month or so, I’ll learn about a cat and see a few ideas Kellie’s considering. A lovely white cat, Lucy is shy, timid….. a vacuum cleaner cleaning the house can ruin her day! She is best friends with Mugsy. For this portrait, we combined the background of one portrait with the dress of another, and we put a statue of Mugsy behind the demure, fancily-dressed Lucy.

Mugsy’s inspiration came from Anthony Van Dyck and it had to include something to depict his girlfriend Lucy. Black cat, black outfit. Bold choice, but it works because of the lace collar that separates cat from jacket.

Jasper’s portrait was the first one. Jasper is classy and aloof. He’s very courteous to guests and if he could hold a cocktail shaker he would surely do the honors. A Leyendecker-inspired portrait seemed just right for Jasper.


Next: Isabel, who will be dressed as a queen. Such fun, every one.


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