Old Windows

Our old house stands strong, given its age (about 185 years old). Still, every year there’s some part of it that calls out for attention. This year it’s windows. Ironically, the front and side original windows are in fabulous condition; it’s the ones installed in the back in 1985 that are worse for wear.

Our friend and carpenter, Dave, replaced the sills, I repaired the ones riddled with dry rot, and we ordered custom wooden storm/screen windows to keep the wind from weaving its way through the cracks in the winter.

The project has made me appreciate those original windows so much more. Previous owners Fred and Genevieve Hutchinson (who owned the house from 1938 to 1974) took good care of them.

Left,  great room window in 1960, right, same window now.

Open to the weather during their summer visits, they shuttered them in the late fall when closing the house for the winter. Shuttering these windows was Fred Hutchinson’s last act on this earth many decades ago. He died while he and Genevieve were closing the house.


1969 Closing for winter

Over time, there have been almost thirty owners of this house. These windows have seen a lot of history. Sometimes I wish I could see old reflections when I look in them.

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