What to wear, what to wear…

Over the last two years, Lord Basil the Guinea Pig (dressed as Count Charles Chasset) has been the top selling print in my Etsy Shop. It seemed to me that he needed a companion…. a print that Guinea Pig fans could purchase to hang next to Basil. “Girl in a Blue Dress” by Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck is a favorite portrait of mine, so I created a sketch of it using a fetching Guinea Pig as the subject. But did she need a hat, I wondered. Here were my ideas.

hatlessGP hat1GP Hat2_GP Hat3GP

In the end, I decided to send her out into the world hat-less. I do think she wears hats well, though. Not all of us can.

GuineaPigInABlueDress_Magnet_etsy570   Basil_magnet_etsy570

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