Bugus Bunsen Bean

Anyone who has the pleasure and privilege of sharing their lives with pets, has also experienced the sad, empty feeling when you lose them. Over the last five months, we lost our beloved Louise and Walter to old-age issues. For the first time in decades, we were dog-less. Our cats tried to fill the void, but it just wasn’t the same, and I so stared my search for a dog to welcome to the family. It’s super hard to find a Pug that needs to be rescued, but for some odd reason inside of me, it had to be a Pug. Having been devoted to animal rescue for so long I was determined to find one at a shelter or rescue.

This adorable fellow became available at the Springfield Humane Society in Vermont, and we went right away to meet him. I fell in love of course; who couldn’t love this adorable face.


On the two hour trip home from the shelter, we accumulated a page full of potential names, as is our custom. It had to be distinguished, yet at least slightly humorous. It had to have some meaning to us, or at least would lend itself to a story if we happened to be in a room full of animal lovers who’d had a little bit too much wine and wanted to hear it. The list included Buckminster Fuller, Mervin (my grandfather’s name), Charles (Kent’s middle name).


Near the end, our favorite name was Chester Ludlow after a sign we saw on the way home noting an exit where you could get to both of those Vermont towns. We almost went with that except when we googled the name, we found a Pug called “Chester Pug Ludlow” who had  an active  facebook page. We certainly didn’t want to start out our Pug’s life with us as a sort of imposter, so we went with our runner up name; Bogus Bunsen Bean. This was a childhood nickname of Kent’s brother. When they were kids, they’d heard that name but had never read it, or they would have known that it was a distortion of the names of three characters in a childrens’ story written by  Roald Dahl. In Fantastic Mr Fox, three main characters were Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. We like the blooper aspect of it. Seems just right for a Pug.


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