Huffington Post Says My Portraits Are So Bad, They’re Good

I’ll take it! In a recent Huffington Post article about hilarious white elephant gifts, my Lady Pom Pom was chosen among 18 other gems of gifts people might give at a Yankee swap for the entertainment of it.

Original oil painting by Carol Lew. 16 x 20 inches.

My Old World Pet Portrait is in the company of some real winners. A favorite of mine is the lovely Nicholas Cage prayer candle.


The Chewbacca insulated drink sleeve is cute, but I’m thinking it may not stand up to washing.


I am saving the horse-head squirrel feeder as a future gift idea for my friend who has everything she could ever need already, but likes feeding the squirrels in her yard.


All in all, the Huffington Post has been very good to me. The article came out a few weeks before Christmas, and my already-busy on-line shop was deluged with orders.

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