My Exhibit at the Civilization Museum in Quebec

I am proud to participate in this museum‘s exploration into the world of cats. My artwork is in a room where visitors are encouraged to sit with a (real-looking) cat and experience the joys of purring.




An exhibition that lets the cat (and dog) out of the bag!

Ethology, the science of animal behaviour, has made tremendous strides in recent years, challenging us to reconsider what we know about cats and dogs. Every day, new evidence emerges about their abilities, emotions, and intelligence.

The exhibition takes visitors on a sensory and interactive journey. Games and simulations encourage participants to see the world through animal eyes in order to better understand and interpret animal behaviours.

Through their colours, content, and design, the three parts of the exhibition each offer different insights and visitor experiences:

  • “In Their Skin”:  actively compare your physical skills with those of animals
  • “In Their Heads”: plunge into a setting that puts you on a level with animals and engages you in a variety of unique immersive experiences
  • “In Our Society”: learn about the nature of our relationship with these animals over time, and the important role they play in our society today
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