About the Artist

I live with my husband in an early 19th-century farmhouse in the rural Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts, along with our two cats and two dogs. At any given time, we might also have a variety of foster cats, kittens, or dogs from one of the local animal shelters.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by artistic inspiration. My husband Kent is a freelance book designer and type designer. My brother J.D., who lives nearby, is a folk painter. My mother, Connie, makes quilts and has taught quilt-making internationally. And my father, Doug, creates small-scale models of traditional old barns, which can be seen in several New England museums.

I studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art and have had an interest in painting for most of my life. For the past eighteen years, my artwork has been inspired by a love of animals, country life, and history. I like to paint subjects with simplicity, directness, and a touch of whimsy. Oils are my medium of choice because of their warmth and richness.