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Tales from the Appalachian Trail

Earlier this week, I saw a facebook post from Ben Montgomery. He’s the author of “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk”, a book about a 67 year old woman who walked the whole Appalacian trail back in the 1970s in Ked’s sneakers and … Continue reading

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Old Windows

Our old house stands strong, given its age (about 185 years old). Still, every year there’s some part of it that calls out for attention. This year it’s windows. Ironically, the front and side original windows are in fabulous condition; … Continue reading

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Wavy Glass

Our house was built in the 1830s. If you like old houses (and I do), you come to appreciate the character that has developed over time. Yesterday the sun was setting, shining light on the collection of framed photos behind … Continue reading

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Genevieve Hutchinson remembered

I have researched the history of my house and have identified over 20 owners, and am still counting. Surely none are quite as memorable as Genevieve Hutchinson who started spending summers on the mountain top in 1925, and ended her … Continue reading

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Life at the Old House

July 4th was laundry day on top of the mountain in Washington Massachusetts back in 1925. The Hutchinson family summered in the house across the street from ours… you can see ours in the background of this photo. They were … Continue reading

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